Saturday, November 6, 2010

Enhancing the Government Tendering Process

One of the most critical changes announced by Premier Cox is the establishment of a Procurement Office to handle the review and recommendation of all major government contracts. Amidst sustained public commentary regarding nepotism, back room agreements and outright corruption, this office will firmly place the decision-making process in one central location at the Cabinet Office, where transparency and objectivity will prevail. With this single decision those companies and individuals seeking government contracts should know the playing field has been substantially leveled.

I do think, though, there should be three necessary qualifiers: (1) those competent companies who have not had opportunities should be given opportunities. This is not to say small construction companies who have never built anything large should get it; it means they should get smaller ones and be allowed to demonstrate their capabilities; (2) no company should qualify for contracts if they have shares held by a trust company, for obvious reasons; and (3) no member of Cabinet should be allowed to have any interest in any government contract, again for obvious reasons.

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  1. Ok I beleive (and i work in the industry) we must insure that they, the contractors, employ as many Bermudans as they can!